Flowers That Last a Year

Flowers are an iconic way to show your affection. However, their blooms often wither quickly before passing their prime. But there is another option available – forever roses!

Flowers that last a year are preserved with special methods and can last up to a year in vase arrangements. Companies like Venus et Fleur and The Million Roses sell them in various styles and price points.

Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur offers roses and other flowers with an extended lifespan at competitive prices. Rehydration technology helps the flowers maintain their fresh-cut appearance. They even add vibrant dyes for extra vibrancy. While Venus et Fleur may cost more, considering their longer lifespan compared to competitors.

The founders of this company state their aim as elevating the flower industry by offering long-lived blooms that last a year or more, as well as personalized and luxurious service. Additionally, they provide other flower arrangements, including orchids and hydrangeas; there is even a dedicated page on taking care of their arrangements – they recommend avoiding direct sunlight as much as possible and dusting regularly!

Preserved roses and other flowers make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any special event – you can personalize each arrangement with a heartfelt message to make their recipient feel extra special!

Venus et Fleur is an innovative new flower delivery service offering exquisite roses that won’t wilt or die. The company was started by Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal after they were inspired by their own experiences ordering flowers online, hoping to offer something more personal than regular delivery services. Their business quickly expanded rapidly; celebrity clients including Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid even took notice!


When searching for the ideal present to commemorate an important event, nothing beats a beautiful bouquet as a sign of affection. But when that gorgeous flower starts wilting? Luckily, there are ways you can extend their lifespan! At Roses N Peonies this e-commerce site sells roses and peonies in glass boxes that will make any recipient feel like royalty while remaining within budget at just over $100 (it even sells gift certificates too!).

Venus Et Fleur’s rose-filled boxes may have made an appearance on Instagram before: this celebrity florist specializes in one-of-a-kind preserved flowers, making it popular with A-listers such as Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians. Venus Et Fleur’s popular “eternity” roses undergo an intensive preservation process that dehydrates and preserves them so that they last up to one year in beauty!

If you prefer more classic arrangements, this online floral retailer provides fresh-cut bouquets sure to please. Many feature hydrangeas or orchids and come in various sizes; additionally, there is even an option that will send out new bouquets every month!

Though their flowers might not last as long as some others on this list, they still make for beautiful arrangements and gifts for every special event. Their website offers an impressive variety of offerings worldwide and they ship worldwide too! This company specializes in fresh-cut blooms as well as preserved blooms to provide beautiful bouquets suitable for every celebration or special event.


Roseshire offers high-end roses packaged in unique boxes at competitive prices, delivered nationwide overnight. Their roses come with various Disney themes as well as guarantees they will arrive in top condition when they reach you. Roseshire provides instructions on how to care for their blooms as well as displays that allow customers to display them prominently upon receipt.

Their Disney Collection offers roses inspired by Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, carefully selected and attached with an individual water tube. Available globally and available in red, white and pink shades – making these roses an excellent gift choice.

This enchanting rose experience captures the magic of dreams coming true and celebrates love’s transformative power. A reminder that simple acts of kindness can lead to magical outcomes, this timeless treasure will become an heirloom piece.

Disney collaborated on this rose experience that captures the iconic characters of The Little Mermaid and makes an ideal present. These forever roses can last up to one or two years without needing water; come packaged in a decorative box featuring Ariel and Eric with real flower roses that guarantee freshness upon delivery.

Infinity Roses

These preserved roses, also known as infinity roses, offer a luxurious alternative to regular fresh-cut roses. Treated with special preservation chemicals that extend their shelf life up to a year or more – perfect gifts for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or birthdays; while their symbolism of eternal love makes an excellent way to show our appreciation.

These roses come in an assortment of colors, some even boasting metallic finishes. You can arrange them into bouquets, wreaths and displays for eye-catching centerpieces; mix and match with other flowers and greenery to create custom looks; unlike fresh roses they don’t require watering or trimming! Unlike fresh blooms they are extremely low maintenance requiring no trimming or watering!

Roses represent eternal love and devotion, so they make a thoughtful present to express a strong, longstanding romance or commemorate a special friendship bond. Additionally, these gifts can serve as tokens of appreciation or thanks for someone’s kind gesture or support.

When ordering an Infinity Rose bouquet, it’s essential to follow all instructions precisely. For example, it is suggested to keep them in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. Furthermore, touching them with your hands may damage their petals, leading to faster wilt times and reduced vibrancy of their petals.

T&C Floral Company

T&C Floral Company is an industry leader in modern faux floral design, creating sophisticated pieces with low maintenance requirements that are exquisitely crafted using only premium materials to achieve balance in each piece. Their founder Natasha Larson launched T&C Floral Company as a wedding flower business back in 2011 but quickly expanded her services to cover birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, quinceaeras, anniversary parties and corporate events as well. Her designs have been featured across media outlets.

Rose Box of NYC

Trends tend to come and go every season. A blush pink sweater may take the fashion world by storm in wintertime, yet by summer it has all but vanished from memory. While some trends like polaroids and record players remain relevant beyond one season’s passage – like rose boxes from Rose Box of NYC are making waves within the floral industry by being used at wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties etc. Their vibrant boxes can brighten any room up while adding pops of color into finger sandwiches and photograph wonderfully well!

These boxes contain real roses preserved for up to one year with natural plant dyes and nontoxic chemicals for 24 hours before being dried and packaged for sale. Rose colors may differ by box; 16 roses come standard in each order – plus you can customize your order with a personalized message!

Roses make a timeless present for any special event or holiday – from Galentine’s Day brunches, to influencers looking for fresh Instagram content, as well as Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries – not forgetting adding one as decorative piece in your home or office! These roses make great additions and gifts of any sort! Give one to a bestie or give as a present from yourself on Valentine’s Day itself or for any special anniversary, birthday or other celebration!